Pride keeps me in shatters

Pride keeps me in shatters though I’m begging to be healed Screaming for relief but my clutch will not yield

I say I’m doing fine and I promise I’m okay. But my heart is gently peeling pumping blood of disarray


In spiritual ruins

That’s how I entered your throne room

Bright with promises you know I didn’t keep
Brokenness mixed with shouts of bravado.

I turned my back to rebuke myself, ashamed you should see me this way

Desperately trying to piece myself together

Forcing parts to fit but always losing my grip. Crying ‘cos it only hurt more.

Yet you waited

For me to forgive myself and allow your healing

But I’m too ashamed so I’ll continue hurting, yearning, bleeding


The day will be dragging

The day will be dragging
Goals achieved equal to none
Heavy mantles placed on my head
Causing my neck to creak
Causing my will to be weak
Causing me to want to weep
Goals achieved equal to none.

The day will be dragging
Goals achieved equal to none.
I’ll tell my mum or call my friend
Causing my joy to sharpen
Causing my spirit to brighten
Goals achieved equal to some
God ALWAYS comes through in the end