Love is 4C

Love is 4C

Densely packed, tightly coiled and fiercely protective of the jewel I guard

A fortress

Why would I allow just anything to comb through?

You must match my strength, compliment my nobility

Do you have the strength? Better yet, do you have the knowledge?

From week to week I proclaim new levels of brilliance. Glistening with the anointing of all things essential

The fool looks at me and says my height is my everything

But that’s shrinkage and when stretched, the sound is deafening

Aqua’s my refresh, whole in every state

Neither difficult or basic, fear will not compensate


Paper Plates

Their use is temporary. They serve their once in a lifetime purpose and are subsequently thrown away. Even whilst carrying out their relevancy their red flags become apparent. Oil seeps through, sauce isn’t properly contained, tears under pressure.

People can be like paper plates. Fun for the moment and optimism bright. However when it’s time to be serious you cannot rely on them. No stability.

Why are we attracted to people who are like this? Is it because they fulfil fun ideals and our hearts flirtations?

But then the oil seeps through and the sauce is not properly contained.

And we knew this all along.