The PERIOD Blessing

Up until recently, I wasn’t aware of such a thing as period poverty. It didn’t occur to me that there were females, espcially in the western world, who couldn’t afford basic sanitary products. Unfortunately there are many people who may have to choose between buying even the cheapest pads and putting bread on the table. This level of dignity should be classed as a basic neccesity. It’s encouraging to see Scotland create an intiative that allows free access to feminine hygine products for all: .

Around the world, espcially in poorer communities where culture oppresses vulnerable women, this is a greater issue. Women are forced to feel unclean from the inside out and are unable too boost their safety confidence by at least having a clean way to capture their flow. Periods aren’t disgusting. Annoying but not disgusting. Those of us who are blessed to have a normal period and regular flow should not despise our body’s unique process. Those of us who have a harder experience should not be made to feel like a taboo.

Listen. It can be hard work being a woman. If a man was to experience the full extent of our biological complex, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t ask for it again! However we are built with an extra layer of strength to survive and embrace this phenomenon.

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Love is 4C

Love is 4C

Densely packed, tightly coiled and fiercely protective of the jewel I guard

A fortress

Why would I allow just anything to comb through?

You must match my strength, compliment my nobility

Do you have the strength? Better yet, do you have the knowledge?

From week to week I proclaim new levels of brilliance. Glistening with the anointing of all things essential

The fool looks at me and says my height is my everything

But that’s shrinkage and when stretched, the sound is deafening

Aqua’s my refresh, whole in every state

Neither difficult or basic, fear will not compensate