Probably the reason I love leopard print

I will stan for the film version of the Cheetah Girls 4 EVA! Instagrammer Rickey Thompson recreating ‘Cinderella’ with his friends reignited my passion and I found a semi-decent YouTube version of the film. A GEM! There are a fountain of reasons to love movies 1 & 2, from the score to the girl power. It beats High School Musical hands down and it was quite Black so obviously I was drawn to it.

However, re-watching the films as an adult made me realise the depth of the storylines. The first instalment deals with race/identity, friendship, the bravery of ‘no’, family and abandonment. Chanel feels lonely when her mum gets a new man and Dorinda doesn’t even know what colour she is due to her being fostered from an early age. The second film handles pushy parents who inspire lies and how denying your situations harms your relationships. So we are getting taught the facts of life while we belt out ‘Strut’!

Such themes were not absorbed by eight year old me but over a decade I can appreciate the film in a new way. It also could be the underlying reason I love leopard print.


Memories are important

Google photos is a gem, I’ll be minding my business and then it will throw up a memory from 2008. A forgotten day, clean from my memory is retrieved and I laugh at how cool I thought I was. Side note: we should keep the same Piczo pose energy in this here 2020 and forever more amen.

As I reminisce on the curtains that hung in my room, the friends who were my riders and the hairstyles I rocked (who else put lollipops or combs in their hyper erect ponytails?), I’m super glad I didn’t get rid of those times. They remind me of when I could only imagine being an adult so I’m jealous of 13 year old me. I’m also thankful of the friends that always have their phone out, posting to stories and watsapping the footage later. I tend to live in the moment rather than spend time as the videographer. However, memories are important so snap everything.