Love is 4C

Love is 4C

Densely packed, tightly coiled and fiercely protective of the jewel I guard

A fortress

Why would I allow just anything to comb through?

You must match my strength, compliment my nobility

Do you have the strength? Better yet, do you have the knowledge?

From week to week I proclaim new levels of brilliance. Glistening with the anointing of all things essential

The fool looks at me and says my height is my everything

But that’s shrinkage and when stretched, the sound is deafening

Aqua’s my refresh, whole in every state

Neither difficult or basic, fear will not compensate


Aimé Césaire – Political Poet

Césaire was our Martinque literary genius; and not only was he a master with the pen, he was a force in the political sphere.

Born in 1913 on the small island of Martinique in the glorious Caribbean, Césaire thrived in school and was awarded a scholarship to Parisian school Lycée Louis- le Grand and later attended the prestigious École Normale Supérieure. While living there he become known as one of the founders of the Negritude movement- Black French thinkers of the 1930s – along with other future leaders like the soon to be first president of Senegal, Léopold Senghar. He also created literary review ‘The Black Student’ with them to encourage the celebration of Black identity.

In 1939 he returned to Martinique with his new wife and son and became an influential teacher, inspiring up and coming writers and thinkers alike. To add another string to his bow he was elected mayor of Fort-de-France, capital of Martinique, in 1945 with the French Communist party and had a successful tenure, however he became disillusioned with such beliefs and resigned in 1956 and retired from politics in 2001.

Cesaire will forever be celebrated for his uplifting Black identity beleifs and proving that we should not be afraid to use up all of our talents.