Pride keeps me in shatters

Pride keeps me in shatters though I’m begging to be healed Screaming for relief but my clutch will not yield

I say I’m doing fine and I promise I’m okay. But my heart is gently peeling pumping blood of disarray


In spiritual ruins

That’s how I entered your throne room

Bright with promises you know I didn’t keep
Brokenness mixed with shouts of bravado.

I turned my back to rebuke myself, ashamed you should see me this way

Desperately trying to piece myself together

Forcing parts to fit but always losing my grip. Crying ‘cos it only hurt more.

Yet you waited

For me to forgive myself and allow your healing

But I’m too ashamed so I’ll continue hurting, yearning, bleeding



I just want to see you in the morning

When the sun rises up, and frames your pretty face

Let the glow illuminate,

Accentuate your cheeks

And make your highlight pop

Let your love fall like confetti

Gently covering me, landing on my shoulders and getting stuck in my eyelashes.

I want to find it burrowed in my hair a fortnight later, showing me you’ll always be there

Float around me

Be sure to scatter prettily

And in the end when you are gathered in a pile

I’ll set you free…

… Into the sea

… For eternity

Although death parted us

Our love will flow forever