Befriending an Enemy

It irks me when BAME people say ‘If they got to know me, they’d realise I’m just like them’. Hopefully you’re nothing like them. I will assume you have some common decency with a side of not being racist. Yes we all bleed the same blood but we don’t all bleed the same respect. It’s useless trying to reason with ignorant people. if a man can make monkey noises to a man who clearly is a human then their head is gone, what would you ever have to talk about. If anything give them a concerned look. Hold tight them and their opinions. it may be quite un-Christian of me but i don’t feel pressed to engage with someone on that level. I’d rather you locked that thought in the dusty corner of your mind… but you probably won’t.

There are no excuses. Using the tired line of ‘It’s just how I grew up’ is ruled out. If your heart is willing to get to know someone from a culture you aren’t used to then go forth and proser respectively. If you aren’t that’s fine. Find a corner to rant to yourself about how we’re stealing your housing and taking your jobs.