Bust That Circle Wide Open

The culture of our friendships can be quite one dimensional because we flock to who we think we’ll be most comfortable with, where there is a guarantee of commonality. I realised my own are all quite similar; whether they are Black, mixed with Black or fit somewhere on the Christian spectrum. So clearly there’s room for more!

It would be reductive to ask God to enlarge or territories but draw the lines of who we are willing to be in relationship with. How does that serve the Kingdom? How does that allow us to be informed, conscious and not ignorant? The pros technically outweigh the reservations if I’m honest; different lifestyles, parties and FOOOD! Intentionality is key. Once the lockdown is over it’s time to get to stepping! *help*.

It’s not about preaching down people’s throats. Grown ups can respect different aspects like religion and not be offended if they don’t align on EVERYTHING. All we have to do is authentically reflect what we believe is true and be delightful.