The Pussy is Brave

The Pussy is brave.

I never imagined that statement would be powerful, but Rupi Kaur proved otherwise.

We use the word pussy to discredit people’s, manhood or just as the slang term for vagina. However in her poem, Kaour argues that it’s in fact a symbol of bravery.

Think about it, what other part of our body is used as a gatekeeper for a fetus to enter the real world? And in the process it faces being ripped, prodded and pulled? Yet for centuries it’s been seen as taboo and an insult.

Kaur ends the poem saying: “Now here you are using the word pussy like an insult when you’re not even strong enough to be one.” That’s the part that yells the loudest.

It’s 99.9% likely you can boil the root of the word’s weight down to the arrogant patriarchy, and I doubt people will be proudly reclaiming the word Pussy any time soon. But the poem is definitely food for thought as to what we as a society deem as undeserving.

(Granted, hearing someone say ‘Pussyio’ is hilarious for some reason)

(Kaur, Rupi Homebody, 2020)